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i am now currently making pancakes! coz im a swish motherfucker! then await the boyfriend to return from work, then off to see the Inbetweeners film!!!!! 

I need some good blogs to follow? Especially ones that dont clog up my dash 24/7. Any suggestions? 

Sooo much stuff to sort out. Should get my deposit back from my student house this week! then that has to go on important things i cant just blow it on clothes and fags like id REALLY want too! ah well. AND i ge paid next friday! finalllyyyyy!

Havant been on tumblr in a while, been really busy with starting my new job, and other crap. I have work tomorrow 2 till 8 then off to meet ruby at the hare pub for birthday drinks!!

25F00E21 - Bored, add my pin.

lelebee said: i fucking love you :)

i love you sososososos muchhh! <333

i’m about to go to sleep. I have a bad tummy ache and feel a bit shit. I’m not even tired for the frist night in weeks, which is strange. But i know if i don’t go to sleep i wont be albe to get up in the moring.

First day at work tomorrow, and they havnt even said anything to me about bringing a statement or something so they have my accuont details, but i shall take one anyway. For some reason my hotmail wont let me recive emails from them, but it works perfecly fine for everyone else.

Maybe have a cuppa before bed. Night. xxxx